Around the World With Greensill’s Global Campus

From London to New York, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Singapore and beyond, Greensill’s global campus ensures clients of today and tomorrow can access its expertise around the clock. Here, Greensill employees share their experiences in what it’s like to work for a truly global fintech.

Matt Costello, Australia Head of Origination – Sydney office

I worked with Lex in the past and he asked myself and my colleague, Ilkka Tales, to start up the business in the APAC region. While we were not traditional bankers, we had extensive experience in sales, finance and start-ups, and we jumped at the opportunity. Today my focus is consolidating our presence in Australia and building out a strong origination and delivery team, to allow Greensill to continue to be the market leader in working capital finance.

Working at a truly global business such as Greensill provides an incredible advantage against competing banks that are domestically focused. Our capacity to work with locally-based multinational corporations across multiple regions and in a variety of currencies is invaluable to our clients. The opportunities to work on projects that span the globe, in Greensill’s numerous worldwide offices, add a depth and breadth of experience that is unmatched.

As we grow our team in the Asia-Pacific region spanning Sydney to Singapore and beyond, promoting both gender and cultural diversity is critical to Greensill’s sustainable success. We look forward to continuing our tremendous growth with new team members who bring valuable experience into the fold.

Sanjeev Oza, South Africa Head of Origination – Johannesburg office

My focus is to expand the good work Greensill is doing globally to clients in Africa, where there is a huge financing gap. The company offers numerous opportunities and brings together a pool of diverse knowledge and experience. I enjoy approaching problems and finding solutions for our clients in multiple locations with holistic solutions.

We are keen to develop the Greensill brand and solution set in South Africa and beyond, making sure we take our innovative thinking and problem solving to clients across the continent. Greensill seeks energetic self-starters who have the desire to solve problems and, most importantly, people that will put our clients first.

Manuel Buraglia, Latin America Head of Origination – Miami office

Back in 2014, I was doing my MBA at Manchester Business School, and Lex came to the school for a guest speaker series session (he does this every year). After his speech, I was impressed about what Greensill was doing at that point, as I was previously working in Colombia as Manager of Investment Funds that invested mainly in receivables and structured finance assets. Because of this, I decided to contact Lex for a chat. He replied to me and we had an interesting conversation, and at the end of this conversation he offered me the possibility of doing an internship with Greensill in the summer of 2015 (I was officially the first intern in Greensill). At that point, my focus was on a project related to our Brazil operation and supporting originators in the London office.

The years since working with Greensill have been a great experience, because I have had the possibility to interact with colleagues from different cultures and learn from them. Also, it provides the possibility of visiting Greensill’s different offices, which in some cases, allows employees to spend some longer periods of time working in other countries. Finally, from the business point of view, it is a powerful tool for you to engage with global corporates, which are continuously looking for global solutions.

Ilkka Tales, Managing Director, Head of APAC Greensill – Singapore office

When Lex first started Greensill, he came and pitched his business plans and thoughts to us. Having started three businesses, I thought I could have used Lex’s working capital solutions to scale up those businesses more efficiently and much faster than I did. I started off helping Lex reach and win client mandates and eventually the APAC business grew to a size whereby I joined full time. My immediate focus is to grow the APAC business across 46 geographies. We currently have clients across 7 geographies so we have a very long way to grow both our team in the region and clients.

Greensill is scaling up fast across the globe. Let’s be clear: Scaling a business is hard work, and it’s not for the faint of heart. This is my third startup that I have worked in to scale globally, in three different industry sectors. The opportunities for employees are enormous, both in terms of the skills you acquire but more importantly the people you meet across the journey, both inside Greensill and out. It’s these people that have a penchant for oversized dreams with global reach that are redefining new economies and businesses. These transcend just the job — these are the pathway to your own global scale-ups in the future.

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