Democratising Capital with Big Data

Big data and artificial intelligence play a front-and-center role at fintech leader Greensill. That’s one of the primary reasons Nick Carrel decided to join the team, where he works as Head of Data Science.

Nick noted that data functions frequently play a side role at companies, where they could be making more of a difference, but the personnel who work with data don’t carry the influence they should. That isn’t the case at Greensill, where data and analytics are making a major impact on the company’s upward trajectory.

“The data projects at Greensill are exciting and diverse,” Nick says. “We use a vast range of data techniques and algorithms to solve a wide variety of problems. Data science is right at the heart of Greensill’s growth.”

Julie Smith, Greensill’s Head of Data and Business Intelligence, echoes that sentiment, saying her past experiences in different industries and organizations showed how data analysis can be mismanaged. It’s different at Greensill, where data experts work closely with the larger operations to ensure a mutual understanding of what is needed and how to deliver it.

It makes for a unique, fast-paced and always-evolving workplace that’s more dynamic and offers more opportunities than a traditional position in finance.

“If you like fresh challenges and to be at the forefront in shaping data provisions, you will thrive at Greensill”

– Julie Smith, Greensill Head of Data and Business Intelligence


“From the simple transmission of daily trades to unlocking insight from wide and varied data sets, data projects at Greensill never become monotonous and you can see the impact they have right in front of you,” Julie says. “If you like a predictable day of work then Greensill may not be for you. If you like fresh challenges and to be at the forefront in shaping data provisions, you will thrive at Greensill.”

As the data team at Greensill continues to grow, Julie seeks problem solvers who are up to the challenge of learning new markets and ways to improve their financing. Ideal candidates can embrace a variable work plan, can quickly learn and act on that new knowledge, and they can take ownership of the challenges they will face.

For those who can cut it in a fast growing, fast evolving fintech leader, the professional and personal rewards are massive.

“Greensill is a breed apart in terms of focus, ambition, and — above all — a team-based culture with employees that are truly valued,” Julie says. “There is not a day that goes by where you do not see another example of care for employees. From us they started to learn the art of the possible for data.”

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