Greensill is a family business

Greensill is a world leader in finance and technology, but we are about much more than that.

Greensill is a family business, with roots in the rich red earth of Bundaberg, Queensland – Australia’s fertile farming belt.

The journey began in 1945 when Roy Greensill ploughed, raised and cut a 200 acres sugar cane by hand, bringing home the first Greensill harvest and laying the foundation for what was to come.

In just two generations his grandsons Lex and Peter have transformed that first harvest into a multi-billion-dollar global fintech that’s changing finance to change the world.

CEO Lex Greensill and his brother Peter

Greensill’s team of experts in working capital finance are dedicated to unlocking the trillions of dollars of capital trapped in balance sheets all over the world.

Our global campus is made up of offices and technology hubs on every continent to ensure our clients can access Greensill’s expertise around the clock. We work together and with our technology partners to innovate new solutions that meet the world’s ever-expanding working capital needs.

Today our driving mission is to expand our footprint geographically, technologically and financially.

Greensill is always seeking what’s new.

New technology platforms, new sources of capital, new means of tapping into the vast troves of data available to us as we continue to disrupt and redesign financial services to deliver the cheapest possible capital to businesses of every size all over the world — from the smallest SMEs to the biggest multi-nationals.

Greensill at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019

Greensill makes a difference in the farthest corners of the world. We are are reimagining handset financing with the Inter-American Development Bank, and by doing so, we are putting smartphones in the hands of more people in remote regions of Latin America. This grants access to crucial technology and the ability to connect on a worldwide scale not previously possible.

Greensill also makes a difference for your health and wellbeing. High Street pharmacies play an essential role in the lives of millions of citizens across Britain, but they have been hampered by slow government payment mechanisms. Greensill’s tech-driven, £1 billion Supply Chain Finance programme with the UK’s Crown Commercial Service ensures prompt payment for frontline healthcare every time.

With clients large and small, Greensill makes a difference all over the world — in Brazil, India, China, Southeast Asia, Africa and beyond. We are the world’s No. 1 provider of working capital finance.

Join us — and together we can change finance to change the world.

The Greensill senior team manages to break out of the escape room in London after a day of team building and brainstorming

Visionary, Bold, Disruptive

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30th April, 2019

Changing Finance to Change the World

More than $56 trillion of cash is locked up in working capital around the world at any one time in what is perhaps one of the greatest inefficiencies in business today.


19th March, 2019

Finance and Farming

Greensill has an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by farmers in Australia today, and how tough traditional sources of finance have made life for the average Australian farmer.

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