Q&A: Abhijit Prasad, Greensill Chief Product Officer

Abhijit Prasad is Greensill’s Chief Product Officer, where he is responsible for the vision, design, development and management of products, ensuring sustainable value to our clients. He and his team “productise” the market leading creations Greensill initially crafts as custom-tailored solutions for specific clients. These are then made available to a larger client base, offering flexibility in a rapidly evolving landscape in a way that traditional banks cannot offer.

Abhijit explains more about what he and the team at Greensill do in this Q&A.

How did you come to join the team at Greensill, and what is your immediate focus with the company?

Abhijit: Having worked with several of the Greensill team over the past 8 to 10 years I have been following the success of the company over several years and finally decided to take the plunge into Fintech last year. My immediate focus is to “productise” the various market leading solutions that we have offered as bespoke solutions to clients so that we can make these available to a larger client base and offer them increased value.

Tell us about the type of talent you are looking to attract for your team. Who are they and why should they want to work here?

Abhijit: We’re looking for smart, hardworking self-starters who either have direct experience in this space either at banks/corporates/fintechs or are eager to become subject matter experts in this space. The people we hire are rounded individuals who work well within teams and are excited with the challenge of being part of the rapid growth that we’re going through.

Greensill specializes in creating custom solutions for clients. Talk briefly about how those solutions are then productised and used to grow our business, and how this creates exciting challenges for the team.

Abhijit: Converting something that has been created as a bespoke solution into a “product” that can be applied to a wider client base is not always the easiest thing to do, but that is the challenge that we set for ourselves. Bespoke solutions will always have a limit on the growth that we can achieve, while products can really allow us to grow at scale.

What’s next for you and for Greensill? How will your addition to the team drive our next phases of growth?

Abhijit: We have grown very rapidly over the past several years with innovative bespoke solutions. “Productising” these solutions for application to wide client base will set us up for an increased rate of growth for Greensill.

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