Working at Greensill: Who We Are and What We Do

Greensill attracts the best and brightest for exciting careers in information technology, data science, finance and much more. Original thinkers, innovators and creative talent come together across our global campus to drive our core mission: the democratisation of capital.

Here is an overview of the different departments within Greensill, as well as personal experiences shared by members of our growing family.

Origination: The Origination team is responsible for maintaining and developing client and partner relationships. Originators also help our clients structure programmes to meet their goals and find innovative solutions to their financing challenges.

Greensill Vice President of Origination Alexandra Hayes: “Joining Greensill has been a positive experience for me. It is innovative and fast paced. I was given responsibility immediately and asked to run with large deals from the outset. I continue to be stretched and enjoy working in a collaborative environment with colleagues I rate highly, as we find new solutions for our clients.”

Distribution: Greensill’s Distribution team is responsible for the allocation of trade and working capital assets across a multitude of global investors. The team also develops and maintains investor relationships.

Greensill Vice President of Distribution and Syndications Asif Dad: “I really enjoying working on a variety of opportunities across different jurisdictions, products, structures and sectors. No single day at Greensill is ever the same. I am proud to be part of a company that allows me to contribute towards changing the face of how trade and working capital solutions can be provided to companies across the world. With agility and a central focus on technology, Greensill is able to outclass its peers, as evidenced by its exceptional growth and success.”

Data Science: Greensill data scientists work on a range of internal and external datasets, using everything available in the data science toolkit to design solutions to either maximise profitability, or to automate existing processes through the development and deployment of codes and/or algorithms.

Greensill Data Scientist Hayley Dormer: “Greensill gives us numerous diverse datasets to work, and it is always interesting having the initial explore. I most enjoy working on the granular datasets we get, as we have the ability to manipulate, process and generate the necessary figures. At Greensill, you are part of each deal and are made to feel like an important part of the company. The business also looks to provide its solutions to benefit others — not just to make profit — which makes you feel proud to work here.”

Risk: Greensill’s Risk team is responsible for protecting and enhancing the growth of the firm.

Greensill Director, Senior Risk Officer David Keeling: “Since joining Greensill as a credit analyst three years ago, I have worked up to a Senior Credit Officer with a Deputy Credit Officer (one of seven in the company), and running a team of eight analysts. I will be relocating to Australia and starting a team down there. Beyond career advancement, Greensill also provides the opportunity to think laterally, and contribute to the team soon after joining.”

Operations: Greensill’s Operations team is responsible for our operational activities, including managing our cashflow, and day-to-day activities of buying and selling assets. The Operations team is also responsible for implementation, initiation and delivery of new programmes and ongoing support for existing clients and partners.

Greensill Operations Manager Rebecca Rogers: “Prior to joining Greensill in 2016, I was working at a large corporate bank. The chance to be at a fast growing start-up offering new and exciting opportunities drew me in. I was warmly welcomed into the Greensill family and felt a great sense of community from day one. The exposure to the senior leadership team to anyone at any level was refreshing and empowering and continues to this day.”

Product: Our market-leading position as a provider of innovative working capital solutions requires us to constantly strive to develop products matching our customers’ needs, often in complex legal and regulatory environments. We must constantly adapt our offerings to maintain our position in a competitive world. Greensill’s Product team helps develop our core products (Supply Chain Finance, Accounts Receivable Finance, Asset Backed Finance, other Working Capital solutions) through all stages of concept, development and delivery.

Greensill Head of Product Abhijit Prasad: “Converting something that has been created as a bespoke solution into a ‘product’ that can be applied to a wider client base is not always the easiest thing to do, but that is the challenge that we set for ourselves. Bespoke solutions will always have a limit on the growth that we can achieve, while products can really allow us to grow at scale.”

Tech & Software Development: Greensill tech recruits provide high quality support to the business and to ensure that its tech systems and services are properly maintained and always available to the end users. Software engineers help develop and deliver scalable platforms for in-house and external users, using cutting edge technologies and techniques, providing a real opportunity to be involved in true “greenfield” development projects.

Greensill Technology Chief of Staff Paul Adams: “I joined Greensill for the opportunity to make a difference. Immediately it was clear the company was very fast paced, but if you could keep up, you would be given the opportunity to grow and take on imporant roles. Working at Greensill has given me the opportunity to work alongside industry leaders, and to work on interesting technology challenges at a world leading business.”

Marketing: Greensill’s marketing and communications function spans PR, social media and digital communications, marketing, branding, events and internal comms.

Greensill Vice President of Marketing Becca Tomlinson: “Management at Greensill values self-motivated people who show ambition and dedication. I joined the team because it is an environment that allows and entrusts me to take on major projects that are instrumental to the company and its future. It is a growing global operation that retains a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit.”

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30th April, 2019

Changing Finance to Change the World

More than $56 trillion of cash is locked up in working capital around the world at any one time in what is perhaps one of the greatest inefficiencies in business today.

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