Greensill Special Projects Team – Innovation is in Our DNA

19th December, 2018

Greensill’s greatest asset is its broad and deep pool of talent. Our people change finance to change the world.

The Greensill Special Projects Team, led out of our London HQ by Managing Directors Bart Ras and Tim Armstrong, is front and centre in the firm’s daily mission to unlock capital so our clients can put it to work.

“Creating innovative products at Greensill requires a process of constant evolution, meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving economic landscape, technology and ever-growing pools of data,” says Ras. “This is the difference between Greensill and the traditional big banks. We are flexible, we can move quickly and we can adapt to the latest technology with ease – and because of that, so too can our clients.”

“The way we work, I would say, is we are constantly looking over the horizon,” says Ras, who adds accounting changes are one important area his team focuses on.

"We are constantly looking over the horizon"

Bart Ras, Managing Director, Greensill

“Our handsets financing product that helps pay for a large number of the mobile phones sold today was born out of our analysis of the European accounting changes called IFRS 15,” Ras says. “We looked at that, asked our clients how it might affect their ability to finance their business and we came up with an innovative solution.”

That single handsets product has now evolved into an entire suite of solutions at Greensill.

Similarly, close analysis of the IFRS 16 accounting changes led to some equally surprising innovation around lease financing, the first fruits of which are expected to be seen early in 2019.

For Armstrong, Greensill brings calm and clarity, to the often-chaotic working capital ecosystem with simple, easy-to-understand financing delivered in a fraction of the time banks would require.

“Greensill can solve problems that no one else can,” Armstrong says. “Because of our technology, our financial infrastructure and our unique approach, we can meet the challenges our clients present in a very straightforward and reliable way.”

Greensill Special Projects Team – Changing Finance to Change The World.

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30th April, 2019

Changing Finance to Change the World

More than $56 trillion of cash is locked up in working capital around the world at any one time in what is perhaps one of the greatest inefficiencies in business today.

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