Innovation at the ‘Worksite of Tomorrow’

Construction design

24th June, 2019

Greensill’s innovative financing and Oracle’s cutting edge technological platforms unlock capital so clients can put it to work. The partnership has resulted in Subcontractor Direct Finance, also known as Sub Direct, which uses big data to assess the creditworthiness of legions of small suppliers in the US construction industry.

Oracle’s deep knowledge of the construction space extends beyond the needs of contractors today and deep into the future, thanks in part to the Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab in Deerfield, Illinois. There, it gives developers and contractors hands-on experience working with connected devices, autonomous vehicles, drones, augmented reality, data visualisation, and artificial intelligence tools, allowing them to see how they can deliver enhanced efficiencies while reducing costs.

The Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab is a simulated “worksite of tomorrow,” helping organizations navigate a rapidly changing construction industry driven by technological advances.

In the near future, 5G-connected devices on the Internet of Things will instantly share essential data, making distance irrelevant. Further advances in interactive technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and holograms, will further break down the physical barriers of collaboration and construction.

Worksites will also be safer and more efficient than ever before, as autonomous vehicles will free up workers to be more productive and avoid high-risk activities, while wearable sensors will ensure their security and safety.

Oracle and Greensill have worked together to deliver best-in-class Supply Chain Finance solutions since 2014. Every day our partnership employs Oracle’s cutting edge technological platforms and Greensill’s innovative financing to unlock capital so our clients can put it to work.

With the help of working capital finance from Greensill and Oracle, small- and medium-sized enterprises can get their construction projects off the ground, ensuring they have the financial support and institutional knowledge they need — all the way from financing, to foundation pouring, to the final ribbon cutting.

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