Shop Direct Group and Greensill: Oiling the Wheels of the Global Economy Together

19th December, 2018

Shop Direct Group, a Greensill client and one of the UK’s leading online retailers of clothing, sportswear, electrical goods, homewares and toys, provides a perfect example of how supply chain finance helps oil the wheels of the global economy.

SDG has more than 128 years trading history and is the UK’s second largest pure play online retailer, trading under the brands of Very and Littlewoods.

The group has been forward-thinking when it comes to online sales and although SDG had a history of owning stores, it has not operated on the high street since 2005. The group now has an average of 1.4 million online hits per day with 74% of sales made on mobile devices, and UK-wide delivery within 24 hours.

Greensill has worked with SDG since 2015 and pays more than 100 of their key suppliers within five days of goods being delivered to any one of three distribution centres. This reduces the stress on their merchandising suppliers at a time when the UK high street is under pressure.

Greensill is further supporting SDG’s development of a new automated distribution centre, in the East Midlands, which will be on-stream in 2020 and will secure the next phase of SDG’s evolution.

Learn more in our latest whitepaper, “Financing the Festive Supply Chain.”

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