Supplier Spotlight: Construction Claims Consultants

19th December, 2018

"The ease of dealing with the Greensill system has been a big benefit to my business, and it has helped me to grow and expand"

— Tony Hilton, Director, Construction Claims Consultants

Consistency goes a long way.

For Tony Hilton and the team at Sydney’s Construction Claims Consultants, working with Greensill eliminates the uncertainty surrounding the payment of invoices.

Since they turned to Greensill for Supply Chain Finance in November of 2017, consistency in payment has been a key in helping CCC to grow, said Hilton, the company’s director.

Hilton said Greensill allows Construction Claims Consultants to offer payment terms that outperform competitors, which in turn enables him to win over subcontractors.

“I can always pay my quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) on time,” Hilton said, “because the stream of revenue coming into the business is more consistent and predictable.”

Beyond better payment terms, Greensill has also enabled CCC to foster a better relationship with his contractor’s accounts team. Hilton said that if there are any issues, he can get them immediately and conveniently sorted out with a simple phone call.

“The ease of dealing with the Greensill system has been a big benefit to my business and it has helped me to grow and expand — not just subcontractors, but  pay-as-you-go staff as well.”

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