Supplier Spotlight: Fresh Results

26th August, 2019

Greensill unlocks capital so companies can put it to work. For Fresh Results President and CEO Eric Crawford, easier access to capital with Greensill put his company in a position to develop sustainability for the future, by selling better berries.

“It’s just a pleasure to work with Greensill — it’s a partnership,” Crawford says. “As we grow, we feel a real sense of gratitude for the opportunities Greensill has afforded us.”

Shipping blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, apples, avocados, cherries and more, Fresh Results is one of the largest fresh berry producers in the world. Its global operations include the US, Chile, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Italy and Romania, and its fruits are sold in major grocery store chains globally.

Prior to working with Greensill, Crawford and Fresh Results used more traditional financing techniques — an approach he says was fine for their typical daily operations, but did not provide them the flexibility to invest and grow for the future.

“It’s just a pleasure to work with Greensill — it’s a partnership. As we grow, we feel a real sense of gratitude for the opportunities Greensill has afforded us.”

– Eric Crawford, President and CEO, Fresh Results

In situations where the return on investment might be six-plus months down the road — such as upgrading a cold storage facility — Fresh Results found themselves in need of new, innovative forms of financing.

Crawford says Greensill provided Fresh Results with the ability to think ahead, and build out their company in ways that were not previously possible.

Working with Greensill enabled Fresh Results to advance money to producers on their projected crop, allowing the company to secure the best product at the best prices.

“Greensill gives us working capital outside of the day-to-day receivables,” Crawford says. “And that’s the big difference. The cash flow opportunities allowed us to reach out to the best suppliers in the world.”

The outcome for Fresh Results is that the quality of the company’s fruits and berries has continued to improve, now that they are able to work with some of the best suppliers in the world, providing everything from oranges to mangoes to grapes. Easy and affordable access to capital through Greensill has put Fresh Results in a position to plan ahead and grow in ways that were not previously possible.

“Working with Greensill allows us to think ahead,” Crawford says. “Instead of being engaged in only the day-to-day, we have opportunities to really build the company out for the future.”

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